I was born in Bratislava (Slovakia) as the second daughter of Austro-Hungarian family, where cultures, cuisine and language were mixed together. In my early childhood, but also throughout my life, my OMA / my dad’s mother / was very close to me, for her dedication, patience, kindness, modesty and natural relationship to GOD. She didn’t mind that I was very individual and different from other kids, she always accepted my interest in atypical and together with my father they always showed me that they loved me unconditionally. I felt different only in strange environment.

A childhood dream of being a doctor brought me joy – to help people. In my adolescence I was wrongly diagnosed by infertility, but when I unexpectedly got pregnant, 3 months before graduation, I immediately exchanged a doctor’s study for being a mother and a wife. As the 26 years old I faced a divorce, that time as a mother of two daughters. Just twelve hours after my divorce my beloved father died unexpectedly, I lost ground under my feet. I did not want doctors, antidepressants at the time of socialism were not here yet, so after the totalitarian regime I started to attend lectures, seminars and to read interesting books, which seemed to quench my questions and they were different ways to help. We could travel abroad again and the second mother tongue helped me a lot in it. I got an opportunity to work in a small private company, after that I worked in another one, and the money I earned there helped me to pay the workshops abroad. After some time I was working just a part-time in administration, and my main work became my passion – being a consultant in a healthy lifestyle area. A new world opened to me, where I understood what a person is capable of if he wants. It made sense to me, without a medical coat and title, but to help those who accept alternative directions, whatever their faith or skin color is, but always in combination with classical medicine.