After receiving accreditation from attending several workshops i started to read interesting books were translated into our language.

I started to run my own seminars, numerological counseling at home /1996/ and one year later I added Regression Analysis /RA/.

After being invited by Dr. J. E. SIGDELL, in 2007 I started to run workshops and consultations as the second lecturer for the German speaking countries /AT, CH, D/. Through the organization I work in Frankfurt on the Main.

I keep bringing to the original regression, much of what I have done myself, because everything is changing, evolving, and today’s insight into these themes is different to what it was twenty, ten, or five years ago and yet there is still the effort to make a change and to step out of the vicious circle.

Regression Analysis /RA/

The non-hypnotic regression analysis by the method of B. Jameison (USA) and  J. E. Sigdell (S) represents an emotional release through the returning to past experiences or lives.

The mental injuries of the past, which we no longer know (or do not want to know about them), persecute us as shadows and have a special power over us. They cause patterns and unwanted (subconscious) reactions. If we recognize them, these patterns lose much of their power, and then we are able to release the feelings associated with them from our subconscious „MYSELF“, where they have been buried, and this way we can free ourselves.


A mentally relaxing experience can lead to the resolution of personal problems and can be a decisive aid for example in fear, phobias, old behavioral habits, problems in personal or work area, in neighborly relationships …

The problem is traced to its origins, we look for a traumatic experience, in the past life, in the mother’s body, in the childhood in this life. Nice experiences don’t cause any problems! Trauma persecutes, doesn’t mater where it comes from and how long we “feed” it through our life force.

How does it help?

The release of suppressed feelings in the re-enactment of a given situation, which means letting go and feeling relaxed..

Retention, or not to go through these feelings, means continuing in old behavioral patterns or pattern reactions. The subconscious memory (in the subconscious MYSELF) or the forgotten primordial trauma, through a similar problem in today’s situation, will ensure that it activates the old feelings today and leads to a corresponding unwanted response. If we survive the memories again, activation is discharged in some way and the original encoded program is canceled.

Feelings of the real cause (which are now conscious) will become more relative, so it is possible to solve them now. How is it with the feelings of guilt? We tend to carry our feelings of guilt even if their cause has long since disappeared. This can lead to subconscious self-abuse. Regression Analysis /RA/ or Regression Coaching /RC/ does not intensify these feelings, but allows us finally to get rid of them for good. Sometimes the remorses even have no real basis (we only think that we are guilty or someone has told us). It’s time to quit with them.


Regression Coaching /RC/

Over 25 years of hours and hours of listening, chatting, analyzing problems and related client feelings and finding solutions for them has turned into coaching.

It sounds more acceptable to today’s “technically” oriented society than the names before, which were too esoteric or spiritual. Although many people do not care how we do it, main thing is to get rid of the problem. Today, there is no need to go into a distant past, we just need get to today’s feeling and find the cause of it.

So it is like regression coaching, because when a man tries to get to his own strength, without the previous ballast, he is trying to create more pressure, but the psyche can not last long such a pressure, so the mental health is supported initially by medicine, but the physical health will also fall apart once this way… One is in a constant vicious cirle of stress, the time for regeneration is shorter and shorter, even the recovery takes place under pressure, he tries to recharge batteries in the shortest time possible. One  hardly even experiences or enjoys the life, he only survives physically. The originality is disappearing, one compares with others, does not feel self-worth, self-esteem. There is an effort to hide it, but on the other hand it costs energy – constant internal and external pressure leads to irritability, discontent, looking for external excitement – alcohol, cigarettes, food calming medicines, various kinds of drugs, stimulating fun, in order to to fill the emptiness. When the excitements fade away, we start to look for it again. Aggression is rising, it is transmitted to work, family …

We say that time flies, as if it were something with its own life and will, so it can fly away and we have no time.

In an old image of Plato’s cave / student of Socrates /, people sitting in the cave, having chains on their feet, unable to move and looking at the wall where the projection of the external life – virtual reality – is projected. Is it true today? There is a fascination of living like this, by observing the projections, even today. Although one feels the desire to be present, instead of standing up and living the reality, he is always returning and remains in idle observation.Where do those chains come from, can we get rid of them and if not, what is the obstacle? There is a way to do it. Nowadays a man has a projection screen, he is virtually moving through the “screen touch”, he feels like he is moving forward, but with a “strait-coat” instead of the former chains. Behind the screen there is the SOURCE OF LIFE for all without exception. But we do not receive a 100% of it, because there are blockages that are “sucking out” our life source, only a small part of it gets to us.

Being happy and satisfied means having the courage to separate the umbilical cord from the screen and join the SOURCE plug. The projection screen has many restrictions and limits, but a man mistakenly confused the screen with the energy SOURCE for many years.

In Quantum Physics /QP/ there is a possibility to move not only forward, but also backward. This is what is happening in nowadays RC /Regression Couching/.

Why should we not have a similar approach to the future as to the past …

So don’t think about solid things, like things, but as options. Today we know that one thing is in one moment in two places, it is actually one thing in two places simultaneously !!!

When we do not look, they are possibilities

If we look, they are experiences

Quantum Physics = physics of possibilities!!!

But it’s just like with positive thinking, it’s usually just a thin line of positive thinking that is covered by a thick layer of negative thinking. When we think about things, we make reality more concrete than it really is. And that’s a dead end !!! This is how we get stuck in a monotonous reality. There is nothing to change in the old way of life, because we do not play any part in it. Reality is all around us and that allows miracles. With a new way of thinking we can choose what actions can happen in our life. This is how I decide what I choose and therefore I choose my reality. I am also my cells, atoms, elementary particles … = this all is the basic truth about the UNITY.

In the morning, we wake up and make our day as we want it to be, but sometimes our minds deal with all things that we have to do or that someone expect from us, so we have to dedicate some time in the morning to create our DAY. When we create our day, inexplicable  things occur. It’s all a process of creativity. In the brain I create a motivation to do it every day over and over again.

The cell = the smallest unit of the consciousness in our body

One neurophysiologist once said, “In fact, there are no colors, no substances, no scents, no beauty, no ugliness. There, only pure energy soup is out there, it is basically a formless, undefined, flowing quantum soup / QS / ‘.

Only we create our material world out of it. There is a scope of infinite possibilities through which we create the material world in the process of perception – as if we crystallize it. So, according to our learned beliefs, we create from this quantum soup only what is already inside us. So we see only parts and never recognize the whole !!! We perceive by our physical senses, which are subjective senses and we call it objective science. We only know the matter – the atoms, the physical body, and this has been very well used by medicine and pharmaceutical industry.

The whole body, every single atom in it, recovers in two and a half years, so the statement „I am my body“ is not true. It depends a lot on our minds, how our body is changing, as if it were always new models or „upgrades“ of the original body.

Feelings, emotions, thoughts are constantly changing, but beliefs remain fixed and this blocks us, so we need to plunge into the quantum soup.

All new cells remember the cells of all mankind !!!

So the body is just the place here everything meets.

What is a body or a universe?

The body consists of atoms and these are composed of particles which are not solid objects. They are only oscillation of energy and information in the great void full of infinite information.

When you look at the physical body through the eyes of physicist, the body consists of 99.999999%, just like the universe, of physically empty space, and 0.000000 1%, which seems to us as a substance, consists also of empty space. So everything is empty space. And what if the empty space is the fullness of immaterial intelligence?

Thus, immune cells may think, their thinking is not yet structured and they cannot even speak, but they still produce the same substances as the brain.

When an immune cell thinks = an immune cell is like a little conscious being

Similarly, this happens also to other cells in the body: heart, kidney, skin, stomach cells.

All of these cells produce substances similar to the brain. So if we say that we feel it in the stomach, because there is a substance in our stomach, just like in the brain, with the difference that our stomach cells have no doubts, unlike the brain. So we have literally a mindful body. So if we say we have sadness in the heart, negative chemical substances are produced.  But if our heart is going to burst with joy, if the skin bursts in the seams of joy, the cells start producing positive substances and hormones / dopamine, serotonin/ and also many antirancer agents. Having negative feelings produces hormones cortisone and adrenaline, or only adrenaline that systematically destroys the immune system. All cells in the body do not work one after another, but they work systematically.

Body = omniscient, omnipotent, ubiquitous

Except of the physical body we also have a cosmic body.

H.Trismegistos: „As above, so below.“

Microcosm = Macrocosm

Physical Body = Cosmic Body

Physical Spirit = Cosmic Spirit

When a body dies and vanishes, everything remains in the consciousness, it is a kind of memory which is not material and therefore indesctructible. Researching the experience of encountering death point this out.