A nurse was after an unsuccessful intrauterine insemination and long lasting, nearly 6 years attempts to have children.  Neither her medical condition and nor her husband’s did not show any medical problem. The sessions pointed to an subconscious feeling of guilt, when she had undergone an abortion as a young girl and she was punishing and blaming herself for not deserving children. A year after the session, she became pregnant and today she is a mother of two boys..

A fear of water:

The woman who had not experienced the water trauma in her life had a panic fear of water and used to come into the water only up to her ankles. A spontaneous memory of a past life where, as a wounded soldier she found herself in total helplessness, after a serious combat injury, she had no strength to get out of the lake where her horse was drinking water, she pulled only her head out of the water and she died there, which causes her actual panic fear. After processing the fear she finished swimming training and finally in this life she is pleased to dive into and swim in the water. /which helped her especially because she married a man living in a seaside town, who could not understand her “panic fear” and it was a subject of pointless fights/.

A fear of heights:

Because of the fear a man could not ski, use the cable car, lean out of the balcony, look out of the observation tower, climb the hills … At the session a past memory came out, that a long time ago he fell down the cliff, because he had a lot of loaded wood on his back that outbalanced him and he fell from the “height” and died immediately. After processing, he “accidentally” found himself on a party on the terrace of a tall skyscraper, what he actually realized at home, that this time he was moving without fear and enjoying himself.

Fear of manifesting or having a speech in important situations:

A man had a huge fear from speaking during the important issues /school responses, communication with girls, speeches at work …/ and it always ended the same way – if the other side helped him, then it began to work. At the session we found a situation from his birth, where he had wrapped a umbilical cord around his neck and the birth was successful only after the intervention of the doctor. “Stuck in the throat” remained during his life in important things. After processing, his “throat was untied“, he was able to help himself, without fear of “loosing life” and without a feeling, that he has to wait for a help from the other side.

Being unwanted:

For many years a woman could not find herself in dressing, behavior and she was still looking for the approval from her father and male friends or classmates, generally from the „male side“. At the session she experienced her prenatal stage and she found out, that her father was expecting a son instead of her, so she had unconscious feelings of guilt that she disappointed him, so she tried to solved it by untypical behavior, cursing, fighting with the other sex and at the end she always felt unhappy, because she did not meet expectations. After the processing she started to dress more feminine, she changed her behavior and finally she identified herself.


A man recalled a real experience of playing with a brother on a hide and seek when he was locked in a closet or a chest, the man always overcame this games with great fear, crying, peeing himself, but he continued in order to be his brother’s partner for the “adult games “. In adulthood, he could not help himself with fear of being in small spaces / elevator, narrow spaces … / and it caused him a problem on daily basis because he worked on the 12th floor and it was impossible to go on foot al the time. After processing the trauma, he was surprised, that he just remembered how afraid he was, but the feeling of this fear never came back again and the small spaces were not an obstacle anymore.

Fear of going astray:

A woman after getting the driver’s licence and very keen on driving was faced to the situation to go alone by car . Until now, she had known her ways, but with new directions she got a the fear of „going astray“. Just before the consultation, a memory came to her, as a child she loved the fairy of „Hansel and Gretel“  – they got lost in the woods and finally they came to the Baba, who fed them to eat them, but their childhood innocence helped them with an idea to ask the Baba to show them, how to sit on a shovel, so this way they took advantage of it and saved themselves. After processing it, for about half a year she was driving alone in a car with her 14 years old daughter and a dog to holiday by the sea (about 1700 km far away) and she was excited about what a new quality of traveling to the unknown places it was, and it still remains today.

Speech defect:

A woman used to be bullied in her childhood for a slight speech error… She had no speech defect before entering a high school, but the stress and fear of public expression remained. Later, at work, she had to have public speeches in front of the audience, and that was the reason she came to a consultation to me. She remembered standing in front of the blackboard as a small girl and the pupils laughing at her speech error. Spontaneously a past life picture appeared, where she was at the square, and all the people laughing at her, she was poor and locked in a cage – a form of public punishment at that time … that has moved into today’s situation and the same feelings controlled her again. After processing, she was able to get ahead of the masses of people and to express herself publicly with calmness. The memories that remained just as a pictures without feelings did not limited her anymore.

Peeing oneself during the night:

Although the boy (10 years) did not know why his parents were arguing, and why were they divorcing, he was not allowed to cry, for he was a “boy”. From 4 years he was peeing himself at night, but now that he could go to school trips, he was ashamed of it, for his classmates wouldn’t laugh at him. He processed all his sadness, pouring out all his “tears” and knowing that his parents will still be his parents, even though they were no longer together and he slept in the dry and quiet since then every night.

Relationship issues:

A middle-aged client was unable to maintain any relationship – the actual one was the eighth during a short period of time. During the session she had experienced being a man in a harem, where her women “made the company” according to her taste and mood, but she did not create any deeper relationship with them, she did not know what it was to love … today she had to experience on her own, what it is like to be in a relationship where the second side doesn’t take it seriously and it’s just for fun. After about half a year of a solitude, she had a new relationship, it got everything she wanted and the both sides were giving everything necessary to maintain it spontaneously and with love.